Brinno PHV132512 Digital Peephole Door Viewer

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Brinno PHV133012 Digital PeepHole Knock Activated Sensor
Brinno PHV133012 Digital PeepHole Viewer with Motion Sensor
Brinno PHV133012 Digital PeepHole Viewer
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Incredibly Easy Peephole Viewer

See a LARGE image of who's at the door without them knowing!

Visitors will not see a darkening of the peephole as you check.

Perfect solution for easily deciding when NOT to open your door.

All by simply pushing a button!

brinno phv1325 digital peephole

It's important to note that your outside peephole will look exactly as before.

Visitors won't know you are using the Brinno Digital Peephole.

Easy DIY Installation

easy installation of brinno phv132512

Why the Digital Peephole Viewer?

The front door is the most basic home security. It is the primary entry point in the home, and the method to identify who is there has not changed in many years. You ask who is there and wait for a verbal response. This is only useful if you know the person and recognize the voice.

  • The optical peephole has been around for over 40 years and is the best option to actually see who is at the door but it has some drawbacks.
    • The image quality is poor.
    • In low light the image may not be easy to identify.
    • The user must place an eye to the door thus darkening the peephole and signaling he is home.
    • The height is not right for all people.
  • The PeepHole Viewer is the digital equivalent of the optical peephole with some major benefits.
    • Simple push button to see large image without darkening the peephole.
    • Clear image in LCD Panel on door, easy to see for people of any height.
    • Compensation for low light images Compensation for “fish eye” distortion.
    • Zoomed live picture for easy identification.

Simple One Button Operation.

  • Press the Power button under the LCD panel to turn on the viewer and see clearly who’s at the door.
  • The first push of the Power button will put the PeepHole Viewer into “Regular” view mode.
  • If the button is pressed a second time while the viewer is still on, the display will go into “Zoomed View”.
  • Repeated pressing of the button causes the viewer to rotate between the two viewing modes: “Regular” and “Zoom”.
  • The viewer will turn off automatically after 10 seconds to conserve battery life.
  • Any press of the button will restart the timer for 10 seconds.

Display modes.

  • “Regular” Regular display mode shows a field of view similar to that of a digital camera.
  • “Zoom” Zoom display mode enlarges the center of the PeepHole field of view for viewing facial details.

Low Battery.

  • When the batteries are low, the Red Low Battery Light will flash.
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