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24 x 36 Inch Indoor See All Roundtangular Glass Convex Security Mirror

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Roundtangular Convex Mirror Suggested Placement

Available in sizes to fit your application, glass or acrylic, both indoor and outdoor

Roundtangular Convex Mirrors are excellent as safety mirrors in preventing industrial intersection accidents.

  • Roundtangular Convex Mirrors are easy to install - they are mounted simply and easily with the brackets provided in the container. The mirrors are equipped with a patented swivel assembly and are adjustable to most any position or angle.
  • Wide angle vision permits you to see around blind corners, over center aisle gondolas, and into hidden corners.
  • Discourage shoplifters who need privacy before they risk a theft. Considered the greatest psychological deterrent by detective agencies, and endorsed by leading chain and department stores.
  • They are on duty every minute of the day, and pay for themselves many times over in merchandise saved.
  • All of our mirrors include heavy duty mounting brackets which permit easy installation in most locations.

Excellent for:

  • Parking Garages
  • Blind Spots Around Machinery
  • Low Ceilings

Technical Details

  • Excellent Clarity
  • Cost Effective
  • Sturdy Tempered Hardboard Mirror Backing (Indoor)
  • Rugged Enamel Coated Hardboard Mirror Backing (Outdoor)
  • Easy Installation

Area Chart

Model Description
PLX1218, RR1218, PLXO1218, RRO1218 12" x 18" - Areas to 15'
PLX1524, RR1524, PLXO1524, RRO1524 15" x 24" - Areas to 20'
PLX2030, RR2030, PLXO2030, RRO2030 20" x 30" - Areas to 30'
PLX2436, RR2436, PLXO2436, RRO2436 24" x 36" - Areas to 35'
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See All Large Convex Mirror Installation Guide
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