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Serpent 2-Point self-locking panic bar

Serpent 2-Point self-locking panic bar
SKU: SEL-200

The exit locking system which deadbolts both sides of the door.

The solution for illegally locked emergency exit doors. Take a good look at your emergency exit doors. If there are slide bolts, deadbolts, "burglar bars" or anything else besides a panic bar, your door is an invitation to disaster.

You don't have to break the law to lock your door. The Serpent Locking System provides maximum break-in protection with code-compliant one-action exiting. Easy exiting. 2-point Locking.

How Does Multi-Point Locking Work?

The Serpent is a 2-point deadbolt exit lock (1 moving, and 1 fixed hinge-side bolt). Depressing the paddle retracts the deadbolt for one-motion exiting.

The system self re-locks each time the door is closed. A door closer is required for self locking as a pull handle is not furnished. The Serpent Model shown is - Exit Only - No Alarm - No Outside Key - Self Re-Locking.

For additional configuration information and pricing, please call!

Technical Details

  • Deadbolt protection against break-ins: Solid 5-inch long deadbolt assembly
  • Protection against hinge-side attack: Deadbolt provided to resist hinge-removal break-in
  • Superior anti-pry installation: Thru-bolting and anti-pry plate are standard
  • Use on steel, wood or aluminum doors: Special kit for mounting on glass doors
  • Easy installation without special tools: Lock fits all doors with no special tools needed
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