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STI Exit Stopper Door Alarm

STI Exit Stopper Door Alarm
SKU: STI-6400

The STI Exit Stopper is a practical way to solve the problem of unauthorized exits and entries of fire doors.

The Exit Stopper (STI-6400) alerts you to any unauthorized exits or entries through emergency exit doors and rear doors. The Exit Stopper can be used as an inexpensive security device and helps stop theft. The exit alarm's highly visible, red "stop sign" design helps to discourage misuse of fire and emergency doors.

If the protected door is opened, the electronic Exit Stopper (STI-6400) sounds a piercing horn for 30 seconds, three minutes or continuously (as preset by the user). A key operated override will silence the alarm and allow authorized exits. Another option is annunciator mode, in this mode it announces a doors opening with a set of 10 beeps and then resets.

The Exit Stopper (STI-6400) can be installed on wooden or steel doors, with right, left or top mounting, Or the exit alarm can be mounted on the wall with the matching magnet switch assembly on the door and frame.

The device is completely self contained and signals an unauthorized entry as well as exit. The Exit Stopper comes complete with tamper-proof screws and anchors for mounting, a 9 VDC battery and a keyed locking mechanism for easy deactivation.

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STI Exit Stopper Installation Instructions
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