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External Strobe Light for the Monitor Exit Alarm


Extend the function of your Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm with a external strobe light.

By connecting an external strobe light to your alarm unit you can notify management, silently, of an alarm trip. Great for under the hostess desk or the office.

Can also be used on a multi-unit install to indicate, remotely and silently, which door has been breached.

A strobe light can be added to the Monitor Exit Alarm line of products by simply connecting the wires to the “External Siren” terminals on the barrier strip.

When the siren sounds, 12 volts are sent to the terminals, lighting up the external strobe.

  • Red
  • 12V DC
  • Strobe
Accessories - External Strobe Installation Instruction
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PDF icon INSTRUCTIONS-ACCESSORIES-Strobe-for-the-Monitor-Exit-Alarm.pdf Product Documentation, Installation Guide
ACCESSORIES - External Red Strobe for the Monitor Exit Alarm
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PDF icon Monitor-4000-Exit Alarm-External-Red-Strobe.pdf Marketing Materials, Flier