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Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm

Monitor 4000 Exit Door Alarm with Keyed Timed Alarm Bypass
Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm with Keyed Timed Alarm Bypass Facing LeftMonitor 4000 Exit Alarm with Keyed Timed Alarm Bypass Facing Front
SKU: 4000-BV-AKS
Keys to get the green light. Each unit comes standard with 4 control keys.

Complete Receiving Door Control

Don't Lose Your Profits Out The Back Door

The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm is the most effective solution to combat pilferage and protect employees from unauthorized entries through security sensitive doors.

The Monitor 4000 Usually Pays For Itself Within 90 Days!

Within 90 days the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm usually pays for itself with increased profits. The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm ships complete and ready to install for immediate use.

We can definitely see a difference in the restaurants that do have The Monitor as far as food cost and just security within the store itself.

Steve Liles - Area Supervisor - Kentucky Fried Chicken

There’s no access to that backdoor without a manager. That’s something that has given us a great peace of mind and it has made us really comfortable as closing managers.

Alfonso Contreras - Manager - Outback Steakhouse

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For deliveries and trash removal the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm can be temporarily bypassed, but unlike other exit alarms the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm reminds the manager to close and secure the door.

The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm sounds at 100dB when someone attempts an unauthorized exit or when the door remains open past the authorized time. It can be hardwired or plugged into an existing standard outlet, and has a rechargeable backup battery.



Benefits of the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm

  • Patented prop deterrent. 
    If the door is not shut in the allotted time, after authorized use, the adjustable timer in the exit alarm box will sound the siren; eliminating propped open doors. 
  • Armed exit alarm box
    Prevents unauthorized persons from tampering with the time settings and turning off the exit alarm.
  • Automatically resets as soon as the door is closed
    Not dependent on an employee remembering to rearm the door after use.
  • Comes with High Bias magnetic sensors which guards against tampering.
    Placing a magnet or other object on the sensor to simulate a closed door will cause the siren to sound.
  • High Security Keys
    Help protect against unauthorized duplication of keys.
  • The Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm mounts on the wall, not the door
    Prevents damage due to delivery carts, weather, and slammed doors.

The employees feel more secure at night while they’re working.

Carlos Rodriguez - Area Supervisor - Wendys

Since The Monitor has been up, our shrinkage has gone down. We've had no problems, it's a very reliable product.

Philip Pederson - District Manager - Applebees

We noticed maybe a point or a point and a half in our inventory.

Gary Ormand - Manager - Tony Romas

Optional Accessories of the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm

  • External Siren
  • Strobe Light
  • Additional Magnetic Sensors
  • Back Doorbell
  • In-Frame Magnetic Sensors
  • Additional Monitor 4000  Exit Alarm Access Door Keys
  • In-Wall Housing & Finishing Frame
  • Additional Door Decals
  • Additional Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm Control Keys

Stories From Customers

Here are a couple of the many stories we've heard from customers over the years...

One store manager told us that some employees used to leave the backdoor open, giving the local squirrels a great opportunity to steal food. This was a major health risk in addition to losing valuable food items. The Monitor Alarm put a stop to this practice while saving a lot money on food damaged and stolen by squirrels! Back door security was also increased exponentially.

Another store manager told us the employees would let their girlfriends and boyfriends in the backdoor at night to hang out. It's nice to hang out but definitely not in the work place! Safety and security were an issue with non-employees present and of course the staff couldn't work effectively. With the Monitor Alarm now in place, this cannot happen without the manager and key staff members being aware. Problem solved.

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  • Power requirements - Plugs into a standard 110/120 outlet (hardwired unit available)
  • Dimensions - 8-3/4" H x 7-3/8" W x 3-3/4" D
  • Weight - 5-1/3 lbs
  • Sound pressure level - Approx 100 Decibels (at 2 meters)
  • 2 Alarm door access keys (for trouble shooting and maintenance)
  • 4 Alarm control keys (to get the green light and timed-bypass alarm)
  • 1 12-volt power supply with 12 feet of 2-conductor 18 gauge zip cord
  • 1 Stop sign door decal
  • 1 Sensor set
  • 1 Mounting pack containing wallboard screws and wood screws
  • 1 Operations Manual
  • 1 Installation Manual
Recommended Back Door Policies - Branded for
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Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm Operation Instructions - Branded
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Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm Installation Instructions- Branded
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