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Trident TEL-CD20-M4000-KLT-AP - Single Door with Outside Mechanical Lever Trim Key Control for Cannabis Dispensaries

SKU: 4000-BV-AKS / Trident TEL-200 / TEL-HSB1 / TEL-KLT-AP

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Pair the highest level of protection against forced entry for exit doors with Securitech’s Trident™ and the the highest level of protection, customer support and ease of use with the Monitor 4000 Exit Alarm for your receiving door security.

Between the two these products have been protecting America’s restaurant, pharmaceutical and retail market for over 25 years with tens of thousands installed across the country offering the highest level of protection against forced entry, and employee theft with automatic deadbolt locking and reset each time the door closes.


  • Trident
    • Fire Rated Modelsare Warnock Hersey (WH-ETL) Listed as Fire Exit Hardware for up to 3 hrs per UL10C, UBC7-2 and NFPA 252 (on TEL-CD-200F models)
    • Warnock Hersey Verified Exit Lock and Exit Device
    • Miami-Dade Component Approval rated +/-100PSF Design Pressure and Large Missile Impact
    • FBC Statewide Approval FL14075 for High Velocity Hurricane Zones, Includes Large Missile Impact (doors 4’x8’ or 8’x8’ double)

Code Compliant

  • Trident
    • Single motion egress retracts bolts simultaneously
    • ADA-Compliant Exterior Lever options available

Retrofit Existing Door;

  • Trident and Monitor 4000
    • Designed for existing doors or new installation

Automatic Self-Locking and reset

  • Trident
    • Hitting the trigger in the main bolt extends all bolts, relocking the door each time it closes.
  • Monitor 4000
    • Closing the door resets the alarm, the access key must be used again to open the door without the alarm sounding.

Easy Installation

  • Trident
    • Revolutionary product design; installation in under 2 hours
    • Full size steel template; mark and drill without measuring
    • Lock is factory assembled; modules connected to main lock body
    • Door survey not required before ordering; non-handed, non-sized (handing needed for exterior trim)
  • Monitor 4000
    • Plug-N-Play
    • Plugs in to a standard outlet
    • Mounts to the wall no the door

More Features & Options Than Any Other Multi-Point Lock

  • Add additional options and features to an existing Trident or Monitor 4000
  • Exterior Levers; key or electric release to tie into access control systems or remote release option available on all models
    • Vandal-resistant lever with resettable, breakaway slip-clutch (on TEL-CD-KLT-AP models)
    • ADA Compliant
  • Door Strengthening Reinforcement kit
  • Double door applications

  • 5 standard locking points located at pry points
  • All moving parts are protected
  • Stainless steel 1-1/4” long primary deadbolt
  • Bolts project into the frame; 3 horizontal locking points on lock side and 2 bolts on hinge side
  • Free-spinning auxiliary bolts preventing cutting; 5/8” diameter 7” long auxiliary bolts
  • Stainless steel anti-pry plate; thru-bolted at 6 locations
  • No bolts in the floor; free of potential jamming
  • Door closer required, not included
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