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KeySure Key Controller 3 Pack - Red

KeySure Key Controller 3 Pack - Red
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Internal security starts with secure key control

Everyone has keys, and sometimes it is necessary for those keys to be available to other people.

How do you control the use of those keys?

The KEYSURE KeyController box is a simple yet effective product. It consists of a two-part plastic box. You place your key inside one half and SIMPLY snap the two halves together. This inexpensive method of securing keys absolutely prevents unauthorized use of that key with out your knowledge.

Once closed the box must be physically broken to access the key.

Who needs key control?

Let's consider tenants. Would you leave a key with a stranger? Then why would you give your key to the landlord? Most leases talk about entrusting a key, but where does that key go after you entrust it and who has access to it?

Need to leave a key with the neighbors, or a friend? How do you know the key will only be used for purposes you express to them?

Hospitals, corporations, banks, nursing homes, schools, police departments, hotels, anywhere individual keys are required to be available for limited access is an application for KEYSURE key control.

KeySure also has applications for OSHA's lock-out/tag-out law and can be surface mounted.

What is key control?

Key control is the idea of preventing a key from being used surreptitiously, or physical accountability for a key.

KeySure encapsulates, and physically controls access to the key while allowing the key to be in the hands of another person.

Our exclusive"break-to-open" box is a one-time-use container.

It is impossible to remove the contents without your knowledge.

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