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Optex 2000 Wireless Entry Announcer TD-20U Transmitter

Optex 2000 Wireless Entry Announcer TD-20U Transmitter
Optex 2000 Wireless Entry Announcer TD-20U Transmitter Schematic with Dimensions
  • Receiver can be purchased separately or in a combo unit.
  • Compatable with the 1000 Series

The Optex Wireless 2000 Entry Announcer alerts you to the presence of someone at your entrance with sound. You will not miss another customer. Easy to install and maintenance free, the Optex Wireless 2000 Entry Announcer can be used in numerous applications.

When you need economical early warning system for home or business, ask for this door buzzer.

  • Up to 3 TD-20U transmitters can be used with one RC-20U Receiver (3 doors can report to one location).
  • Up to 3 RC-20U receivers can be added to one TD-20U transmitter (one door can report to three separate locations.)

How the system works

The Optex Wireless 2000 Entry Announcer requires no wiring. The TD-20U is a weather proof sensor/transmitter. It uses temperature contrasts for detection and sends a signal to the RC-20U receivers when activated. RC-20U is an indoor receiver that alerts you to approaching people or automobiles. 

  • You can choose either the fan pattern or the long range detection settings.
  • Multiple commercial and residential applications:
    • Garage
    • Warehouse
    • Construction site
    • Driveway
    • Walkway
    • Entrances
  • Flexible installation options
  • Maximum transmission range: 2000 ft. (line of sight)
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  • 2000 ft transmission range (open field, line of sight)
  • 150 ft transmission range (stucco/plaster construction)
  • 100 ft transmission range (concrete construction)
  • 1 Optex 2000 Wireless Entry Announcer TD-20U Transmitter (receiver sold separately or in a combo unit)
Optex Transmitter Instructions
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PDF icon optex-td20u-transmitter-installation.pdf Product Documentation, Installation Guide, Manual