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Trident Self-locking 4-point Multi-Point Deadbolt Exit Lock with Battery Operated Alarm and Standard Mortise Cylinder TEL-210

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The solution for illegally locked emergency exit doors.

You don't have to break the law to lock your door. The Trident Locking System provides maximum break-in protection with code-compliant one-action exiting. Stainless steel dead bolts project a full inch into the frame at four locations on the door. Easy exiting...4-point locking...No wonder it is the choice of Fire Marshals across the country.

Maximum protection at the lock edge

  • Bolts the door to the frame at 4 points

Protects Against Attempted Prying

  • Thru-bolted stainless steel anti-pry plate
  • Thru-bolted hinge-side bolt
  • Thru-bolted upper and lower modules

Stainless steel bolts extend one full inch

  • Better resistance to crowbars

Code compliant exiting

  • Paddle retracts all bolts at once
  • Eliminates non-compliant slidebolts

Installs easily in under 2 hours

  • Full-size metal template provided for accurate installation

Wall-mounted alarm

Protects against  delivery carts and weather

Full range of alarm and entry options

  • Battery, direct power, signal output, keyed entry, access control

How Does Multi-Point Locking Work?

Installs in under 2 hours

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